Top Three Reasons to Contract Your Processing

What are the top three reasons to contract your toll processing, powder processing, or micronizing needs?
Some of the advantages of using a toll processor include:

It gives the ability to focus on your company’s core competency.

We are passionate about powder processing, and it is our specialty. Manufacturers seldom look for solutions to problems that are not readily apparent. However, inconsistent product or a low yield has costly implications. Many companies are trying to do more with fewer resources and not replacing personnel who have retired or left because of layoffs, reducing hours, closing plants, etc. Because of this trend a lot of knowledge is leaving and not coming back. Contracting toll processing allows companies to utilize the expertise of processing professionals with a vast knowledge of the process and can apply it to a variety of different materials. As an added benefit selecting a professional toll processor can make your life easier, reduce risk, and give you a competitive advantage while adding to your bottom line.

There is no capital investment required.

Manufacturing costs are predictable, and turnaround is fast. Investing in the variety of equipment needed to properly pulverize, micronize, or process powders is cost prohibitive to many companies. Even with companies that have undertaken this burden, different needs often require different machines. As needs change, purchased equipment can become extinct. Even if needs do not change, technologies change, machines depreciate, and the cost of operation and dedicated floor space is still there. In some cases, reducing costs and cutting budgets have led to equipment being replaced less often and, in many cases, maintenance not being performed on a timely basis. This can have very negative implications for a consistent, quality product. With a toll processor there are no internal maintenance or space parts requirements, no need for in-house engineering requirements, no need for dust collection or discharge permits, and no need for additional personnel or space requirements.

Toll processing gives the ability to meet the changing needs of your customers.

Contracting gives you the ability to fluctuate production quantities to meet the specific needs of your company and your customers. Without the fixed cost of machinery, it gives the ability to readily change production quantities. From research and development in a lab setting to large scale production runs, PTI allows companies to better meet market and customer requirements. We can also be successful in relieving companies who process on their own from an influx from peak seasons, special projects, or plant shutdowns offering additional or supplementary capacity. PTI can help reduce lead times and better respond to your customers.

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