New Logo for PTI

Powder Technology Inc. Introduces New Logo Powder Technology Inc. (PTI) is transitioning from their old logo to their new design, signifying more than a cosmetic change. PTI has a forward-thinking approach and readiness to embrace cutting-edge technologies and methodologies in toll processing and ISO Test Dust production. The fresh, modern

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Case Study – Process Analysis

CHALLENGE PTI received an opportunity to process a high-density crystalline material that several other processors had attempted and failed to process to the correct particle size with an acceptable yield. Due to customer proprietary status, we cannot disclose the type of material. The raw material was provided in blocks of

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Top Three Reasons to Contract Your Processing

What are the top three reasons to contract your toll processing, powder processing, or micronizing needs? Some of the advantages of using a toll processor include: It gives the ability to focus on your company’s core competency. We are passionate about powder processing, and it is our specialty. Manufacturers seldom

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Finding a Toll Processing Solution

Manufacturers seldom look for solutions to problems they can’t see. If operations are going well, they do not need fixing—or in some cases, do not deserve attention at all. For toll processing and material sizing processes, however, this can be a costly mistake. Companies that process on their own often

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