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Toll Processing of dry industrial powders

Toll Processing Services

Powder Technology Inc. is pleased to cooperate with companies to discern the feasibility of new products, applications, use of waste material, and manufacturing efficiency through the use of specially designed and modified toll processing equipment.

To view a list of materials that PTI has experience in toll processing click on the Materials processed page.  If your material does not fit into any of the material categories listed, please call  1-800-718-8737 or contact us by email to discuss your toll processing needs.

At PTI, we are experts at powder toll processing of dry industrial materials. Toll processing services, pulverizing, micronizing, air classification, and blending with a high degree of precision, is something we have been passionate about since the company began in 1980. With our many, unique, onsite mills we are able to provide for your exact specifications. Each of our mills, classifiers, blenders, and screening stations are separated in different cells to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination during any powder processing campaigns. All of our milling and toll processing rooms operate under a negative pressure and many mills have ceramic abrasion resistant linings to help limit introduction of foreign particulates. Our air compressors are humidity controlled and dust scavenging systems are in place in each production cell as an added precaution.

As our customers supply much of the materials processed at PTI, we have equipped ourselves to handle almost every type of non-hazardous material requiring powder processing. This includes many types of abrasive and non-abrasive mineral, chemical, ceramic, and many types of resin materials. Our facilities are regulated with stringent policy and process requirements including being ISO 9001:2015 registered. We attribute much of our success to being diligent in our processes and continued employee training. At many different stages particle size is monitored and evaluated to maintain quality and integrity. The commitment to look for ways to increase yield is another way PTI provides value for your toll processing dollar. Furthermore, each and every employee has a financial stake in the company’s success, and therefore our customer’s satisfaction. This is something critical to our success as every employee has financial implications tied to every aspect of their workday.

Our ownership, management, engineers, and technicians at PTI are dedicated to excellence and the on-going development of material and powder processing procedures. We have a clean, modern facility and enough warehouse space to be able to meet your company’s toll processing service needs. In part due to our world class reputation in producing test dust and contaminants, we are always looking for ways to better our toll processing abilities.  We strive to be more efficient, increase product yields, and ultimately provide a cost competitive service for our clients.

We are proud to differentiate ourselves from our competitors with uncompromising powder processing quality, fast turnaround times, proactive communication, and the knowledge and experience to take complicated multi-step approaches to solving customer needs. We can help with customer specific packaging requirements or supply packaging as well as help with transportation if needed to ensure there is not disruption in your companies supply chain or production schedule.

Whatever the toll processing service you require, you can depend on strict quality control and adherence to all your specifications. As a service orientated company, we are proud of the working relationships we have established with our clients and have confidentiality agreements in place with many of them. PTI selects the most appropriate technology or combination of technologies to achieve all of your toll processing objectives.

Please contact us by phone, email, or use the request quote form found on this website to discover the advantages of toll processing at PTI.

Top Three Reasons to Contract Your Processing Needs

Industrial Materials Toll Processing:
Milling, size classification, screening, pulverization and blending of dry powders and materials

Relevant FAQ

We are concerned about contamination from the equipment as well as from previously processed materials, what procedures are in place to prevent contamination?

  • Each machine is dismantled, blown out with compressed air, vacuumed and washed thoroughly with soap and water. Work instructions detailing our cleaning procedure are in place for each piece of equipment; they are reviewed on a regular basis.
  • All wear areas of our equipment are lined to prevent contamination or discoloration.

What materials have you processed?

  • Please go to our Materials Processed page for a list of materials processed.
  • We will not process hazardous materials or materials which are potentially explosive or flammable.

What is your processing capacity?

We can process as little as 25 pounds up to approximately 3 million pounds per year per process.

What yield can I expect?

Yield Expectation:

  • Jet milling: Typical yields are 95-98%
  • Air classification and Vibratory Screening: Yields will vary depending on raw material particle size distribution and the desired final product size distribution.
  • Hammer milling: Yields will vary depending upon the friability of the raw material and the desired final product size distribution.

How much will it cost to process my materials?

  • To provide processing cost quotations on your materials, tests are required. Tests and small lot processing jobs are performed on a fee basis for non-toxic and non-hazardous materials. The fee includes setup, processing, cleanup, and any required particle size analysis. Most test programs are 1.0 to 2.0 days duration. A one-time fee is assessed for collector filters; which are retained for your future processing requirements. Please call or email for test costs.
  • When testing is complete we will provide you with a detailed cost quotation for the quantities you indicate.

What packaging options are available?

We can package into containers from 1 gallon up to 4,000-pound super sacks. We can package into Kraft bags in a limited quantity.

What is the advantage of using a jet mill process over another type of milling process?

The type of jet mill we use generates a distribution that is “stacked” towards the coarse end and does not create a large amount of, sometimes, unwanted fine material. If the fine particles generated are a concern we can use a secondary air classification step to remove those particles.