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Test Dust

ISO Test Dust & Test Contaminant Products

Powder Technology Inc. (PTI) is the leading manufacturer of ISO 12103-1 test dust grades as well as other contaminants used for testing. PTI was instrumental in writing “ISO 12103-1 Road Vehicles – Test Dust for Filter Evaluation”, there are four grades of test dust designated under this specification; please scroll down for further information on all of PTI’s contaminant products.

Relevant FAQ

What is the bulk density of the ISO grades of test dust?

  • ISO Ultrafine – 500 kg/m3
  • ISO Fine – 900 kg/m3
  • ISO Medium – 1025 kg/m3
  • ISO Coarse – 1200 kg/m3

What is the Specific Gravity of the test dust contaminants we sell?

The specific gravity is 2.65.