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ISO Test Dust and Test Contaminant Materials

Powder Technology Inc. (PTI) was initially formed, and subsequently established roots, in an effort to supply the filtration industry with consistent SAE grade test dust materials. It was determined, from a particle size and composition perspective, material must be consistent and reproducible for many years. After helping write industry standards and locking down the supply chain through the purchase of land in Arizona, PTI is well positioned to provide repeatable ISO test dust material for many more decades. Today, Powder Technology Inc. (PTI) is the leading manufacturer of ISO 12103-1 test dust grades as well as other contaminants used for testing. PTI was instrumental in writing “ISO 12103-1 Road Vehicles – Test Dust for Filter Evaluation.” There are four grades of test dust designated under this specification (ISO 12103-1 A1 Ultrafine Test Dust, ISO 12103-1 A2 Fine Test Dust, ISO 12103-1 A3 Medium Test Dust, and ISO 12103-1 A4 Coarse Test Dust). PTI can also manufactures custom contaminants to meet your testing needs. Please scroll down for further information on all of PTI’s contaminant products.

Relevant FAQ

What is the bulk density of the ISO 12103-1 Test Dust grades?

  • ISO 12103-1, A1 Ultrafine Test Dust – 500 kg/m3
  • ISO 12103-1, A2 Fine Test Dust – 900 kg/m3
  • ISO 12103-1, A3 Medium Test Dust – 1025 kg/m3
  • ISO 12103-1, A4 Coarse Test Dust – 1200 kg/m3

What is the Specific Gravity of the test dust contaminants we sell?

The specific gravity is 2.65.