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Toll Processing Quality Controls

Toll processing, pulverizing, micronizing, air classification, blending, and packaging services, with a high degree of precision, is something we have always been passionate about. We have an unwavering commitment to maintaining our toll processing quality controls and precision powder processing. Each of our mills, classifiers, blenders, and screening stations are separated in different cells to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination during any powder processing campaigns. All of our milling and processing rooms operate under a negative pressure to reduce unwanted transfer of nuisance dust, and many mills have ceramic abrasion resistant linings to help limit introduction of foreign particulates. Our air compressors have either internal or external dryers to control moisture from entering the air lines, and dust scavenging systems are in place in each production cell as an added precaution. Each machine is fully dismantled, vacuumed, and washed thoroughly with soap and warm water between each job. Work instructions detailing our cleaning procedure are in place for each piece of equipment and are reviewed on a regular basis. All wear areas of our equipment are ceramic lined to prevent contamination or discoloration and ensure our toll processing quality controls are maintained.

Our facilities are regulated with stringent policy and process requirements including being ISO 9001:2015 registered. We attribute much of our success to being diligent in our toll processing quality controls and continued employee training. At many different stages particle size is monitored and evaluated to maintain quality and integrity. Furthermore, each and every employee has a financial stake in the company’s success, and therefore our customer’s satisfaction. This is something critical to our success as every employee has financial implications tied to every aspect of their workday.

Our ownership, management, engineers, and technicians at PTI are dedicated to excellence and the on-going development of material processing procedures.

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