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Powder Handling

The majority of materials toll processed at Powder Technology, Inc. (PTI) are custom made, in an intermediate material customer processing step (such as an agglomeration, spray drying, or pelletization chain), or an off the shelf purchased non-hazardous dry industrial supplied by our clients.

At PTI we have many different types of mills on site, each with their own unique way to break down different materials into consistent and repeatable sized particles. This means we are equipped to handle almost any type of material needing particle modification including, but not limited to almost any type of non-hazardous material needing particle size modification including many types of abrasives, minerals, chemicals, ceramics, and plastics that can be ground in an ambient room temperature.

The PTI facility is designed with isolated process rooms operated under negative pressure to reduce/eliminate the travel of nuisance dust. Our well trained technicians provide a thorough cleanout, signed and documented by multiple parties of feeders, inlet hoppers, the piece of equipment or processing machine used, and cross over pipes, and the baghouse after every job, and the processing cell is also cleaned to our ISO Quality System standard. PTI uses precision filtration equipment during every step in the modification process, virtually eliminating the potential for cross-contamination. This is material and powder handling at the highest level, and exactly what your powder material handling and processing needs require.

In the unlikely event customer material falls out of specification we have a detailed plan to immediately stop production, quarantine the material in question, management is notified, customer contact is made, and a path forward is determined and executed within the scope of our ISO 9001:2015 registration.

Please contact our Vice President, Jeff Barrows, at 952-894-8737 or send an e-mail to sales@powdertechnologyinc.com to discuss material and powder handling policy specifics, should this be something you need or desire.