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What particle sizes are attainable with your current equipment?

  • Jet milling: Particle sizes attained from jet milling are as low as a 4-micron median to as high as a 45-micron median. Jet milling is best suited for distributions ranging from 0-150 microns.
  • Hammer milling: Best suited for coarser distributions ranging from as low as ~20 microns up to ~ 2000 microns.
  • Vibratory screening: Screen sizes from 38 – 4800 microns are available.
  • Air classification: Particle size distributions as tight as nominal 0-3 microns and as broad as nominal 0-45 microns can be achieved.
  • Jaw crushing: Primarily used as a pre-crushing step for material that is too large to feed into a secondary mill, such as a jet mill or hammer mill. Our jaw crusher can reduce material as large as 5” x 7” down to minus 10 mesh in one pass.