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Metal Chips

Metal Chips including Iron, Steel, and Aluminum Chips are actual machined chips, which are sized using USA test sieves and not manufactured from metal powders. Primary use of these materials is aerospace fuel system testing, hydraulic system components testing, automatic transmission system testing, and power steering pump testing. Standard sized products are listed below; other sizes will be generated upon request. We also size a variety of other metals to the size grades listed below as well as other sizes to fit your needs. IRON, STEEL, ALUMINUM AND STAINLESS STEEL CHIPS Standard Metal Chip Distributions Available 0 – 150 micron (-100 mesh) 150 – 500 micron (-35/+100 mesh) 500 microns and greater Iron Chips are made from hot rolled steel conforming to ASTM A36-96 specification Steel Chips are made from cold rolled steel; there is a choice of grades #1018 or #1045 Aluminum Chips are made from 6061-T6-grade extrusion All…

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Metal Powders

Available Metals Powders: Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Copper All metal powder distributions are available in gram quantities with a minimum order of 50 grams. Custom distributions available upon request. Metal Powder Distribution Iron Powder (minimum 50 grams) Aluminum Powder (minimum 50 grams) Brass Powder (minimum 50 grams) Copper Powder (minimum 50 grams) Carbonyl Iron Powder S3700 Nominal 1-5μm Nominal 0-45μm Aluminum Powder Nominal 0-45μm Brass Powder Nominal 5-30μm Copper Powder Carbonyl Iron Powder S1000 Nominal 1-100μm Nominal 0-75μm Aluminum Powder Nominal 0-75μm Brass Powder Nominal 0-38μm Iron Powder Nominal 0-150μm Aluminum Powder Nominal 25-38μm Iron Powder Nominal 53-75μm Aluminum Powder Nominal 0-45μm Iron Powder Nominal 53-212μm Aluminum Powder Nominal 0-53μm Iron Powder Nominal 150-250μm Aluminum Powder Nominal 0-75μm Iron Powder Nominal 250-425μm Aluminum Powder Nominal 0-106μm Iron Powder Nominal 53-106μm Iron Powder Nominal 53-125μm Iron Powder Nominal 75-106μm Iron Powder Nominal 106-210μm Iron Powder Nominal 150-500μm Iron Powder Nominal…

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